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Korean Dogwood by Lisa Shea

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Waiting for the Symphony

Anthony J. Langford

Though entwined with friends and family
There’s nothing more isolating
Than being misunderstood
Yet, is that how it is for all?
Misleading Shells
Encompassing Secret Lives
Yearning for Comprehension
Searching for Glimpses of Ourselves
In literature, films, art
In landscapes, skies and streams
Yet never fully able
To put all the pieces together
Only clutches at fragments
Spread throughout existence
Surges of languid disappointment
Followed by a crushing hollow.
But when those mere morsels arrive
And at times they do…
They enlighten the self
Like a far-reaching gush of passion.
And in that brief encapsulation
Nirvana, heaven, ecstasy, what you will…
It is reached.
It almost makes up for the rest.

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Reader Feedback:
Great images! I really like this poem

Your symphony was playing my music. I feel I always need to explain myself because of the narrow focus of what is life by those around me. But most of the time I really can't be bothered enlightening them because for many of them the power of comprehension went off years ago. They just want their existences justified. I search for glimpses of myself too, so it is so nice to run into people and poems that speak to me. I think this poem will speak to more than just me.

Just as I've been feeling through Christmas, so hollow and misunderstood at this time of expected joy and happiness, instead I've never felt so low and missing. It's all so confusing as we have to experience these times together as we are part of a "family" but gosh it's hard.

A perfect analysis of feelings. Thank you Anthony.

Great flow. Very vivid. Sometimes it is really all worthwhile. Excellent piece.